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I have always used black Moleskine notebooks, which are well known for their versatility and practicality, as my travel scrapbooks. They have an elastic to hold them closed, an internal pocket, paper that is heavy enough for watercolours and a … Continue reading

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Your readers are boss.

When you write about your travels, you must be clear on whom you are writing for. Is it just a diary that you are keeping just for you or for people close to you? In this case, you have no … Continue reading

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Check out your local newsstand for publications that can help you.

  Just as to write, you must know how to read text; so to photograph, you must know how to ‘read’ a photograph. Photography books and news magazines are a great place to start educating your vision. You will discover … Continue reading

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Treasure chest made of paper.

Your scrapbook brings together writing and drawing. It contains the representation of things and the narration of how you feel about what you see. It holds memories to be recalled and thoughts to be revisited. Your scrapbook brings together painting … Continue reading

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