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Conversations 1

In travel writing, dialogue is used above all to talk about encounters with foreigners (the local people). It is much more than just a conversation. As the dialogue progresses, it defines the characters and their relationships and advances the plot … Continue reading

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Places and their people

Talking about a place means also describing what usually happens there, who lives there and who visits or passes through there. As an example, let’s look at train and subway stations: they are first and foremost places of waiting, which … Continue reading

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Rome is a city of many stories to be discovered one at a time, however, try to avoid getting lost in too much detail or creating cliché postcards. My Roman notebook is the precursor to my Egyptian notebook. Not just … Continue reading

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The face of a foreigner

If your travel stories are about a series of places and monuments, then something is not right. If you do not have any encounters to talk about, you should reconsider the way you travel. Perhaps a need to protect yourself … Continue reading

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