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Portraits: cropping.

      Shooting a portrait does not necessarily mean filling up our space with the subject’s face. Shooting a portrait means telling a story (providing as much information as possible) about the person in front of the lens. So, … Continue reading

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Forbidden words

There are rules to be respected in writing; one of which is to avoid clichés like the plague. Clichés are expressions that have been used so often they have lost their value and become soulless metaphors. Clichés are common generalisations, … Continue reading

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City, Jerusalem

  I was once in Jerusalem for a show as a guest of an Italian development organisation. I have kept a “Jerusalem” sketchbook ever since then. It is as complicated as the city it captures: an upside-down pathway with two … Continue reading

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ISO. Sensitive … to darkness.

      Photographing at night or in dark places is not always easy, however, like in the past, we can “change” the speed of our film. This is called “sensitivity” and is indicated by the acronym ISO. It varies … Continue reading

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