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  First rule: if you can avoid using an adjective, do so. Second rule: if you can find a noun that contains the adjective you want to use, use that word. Third rule: if you can’t avoid the use of … Continue reading

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Monuments: Naples

    St. Gregory Armenian Church. The bell tower of St. Gregory and the street in front of it with its quaint, little shops is an emotional experience. I worked directly with brushstrokes (without an underlying pencil drawing or any … Continue reading

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Who was that man?

There was an elderly man sitting on a 1960s kitchen chair in the middle of the market square. He probably wasn’t a vendor. He was too well-dressed, tone on tone. Orange and yellow. I wonder who he was. Vincenzo Cammarata

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  Details make a story much more pleasant: colours, gestures, spontaneous utterances are more effective than a lot of general considerations. Look for names, faces, voices, words. So, what colour were that girl’s eyes? Was that a man’s or a … Continue reading

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