Always ask yourself “why”

In the Città Alta [upper city] of the city of Bergamo there is a magnificent square called “Piazza Vecchia” and standing there, next to the “Palazzo della Ragione” [government building] is the city’s bell tower, called the Campanone. Well, at 10:00 pm every night it tolls exactly 180 times. Why? This is the key question for every traveller and every good writer: why? Why does that bell toll 180 times? Why is that milestone placed there? Why does this street have this particular name? Why is this castle here and why is it built like this? Why is that woman crying? Why is there a procession taking place in that square? Why are those men praying like that? This question leads to everything: your plot, ideas, characters and stories. Your entire trip in one word.

Claudio Visentin and Guido Bosticco

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