Language: three important things


1) Look at other people’s photos: study the “why” of all the elements present in both your own photos and those of famous photographers. Surround yourself with photographs, go to photography exhibitions and read photography books and magazines. 2) Have a project in mind before you shoot: that way you will have a purpose and can imagine what you will do with your photographs afterwards. This is the best way to ensure that your images will be interesting even to people seeing them for the first time, such as in an online gallery, or when you are not present to explain what they mean. 3.a) Always be curious and creative: look for new situations and do original projects. 3.b) Behave as if you are always on a trip and force yourself to meet new people. That way, photography will be a means to learn more about where you live and the people who live there without it becoming a sterile theoretical or aesthetic exercise.

 Vincenzo Cammarata

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