One is enough!

We often take two photos of the same landscape, subject or object. Of course, we have already told you that you should not keep both images. You must choose one of the two. But which one? What criteria do you use to make this choice? It is best to choose the one that “says” the most. The one that best depicts a place, portrays a person or describes an object or situation. However, these criteria can still be too vague. So, if both images have the same communicative power, then choose the one that is more technically correct. Keep the one with the best sharpness and eliminate the one with any blurring (unless this serves to convey an important condition happening at the time you took the shot) or superfluous elements (passersby, cars, birds, etc.). If it is an individual or group portrait, you obviously must eliminate the one where people’s eyes are closed.

 Vincenzo Cammarata

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