Things can talk (more on adjectives)

Adjectives are a special world for writers. Each writer has their favourites and carefully places them where they will have the most impact. Sometimes, it can be interesting to move them from one thing to another to draw the reader deeper into the story. When we write about travelling, we tend to talk about ourselves (obviously) and our feelings. This can be irritating for the reader, who may feel “excluded”: you experienced that and I did not! So, practice “putting” your feelings onto what you see outside of yourself: this way, you can talk about things that everyone can imagine and still get your point of view and state of mind across. Look at the difference between saying, “That room was painted grey and it put me in a bad mood” and simply (but more succinctly) saying “That room was painted in a dreary grey.” This conveys the idea that the grey was dreary and it made you feel dreary but it will also make your reader experience that dreariness.

Claudio Visentin and Guido Bosticco



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